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Jodo-Weekend workshop with Felix Klein 5th Dan and Stefan Gstach 2nd Dan
on 9th and 10th November 2019

For beginners, intermediate and returnees

Jodo, the art of fighting with the medium-length (128 cm) stick (Jo) is the least known of the three arts
practiced and promoted by the AJKF (All Japan Kendo Federation) Kendo, Iaido and Jodo.
According to legend, this art was developed by Muso Gonnosuke Katsuyoshi in the 17th century, after
he had defeated the invincible Japanese „sword saint“ Miyamoto Musashi with a Jo, which he had
previously failed to do with the long stick (Bo).

Several old schools (koryu) have evolved over the centuries and have partly been forgotten. The AJKF
practices 12 standard forms as part of the so-called Seitei Jodo.
Every year European Championships take place, most recently in September 2019 in Poland. In 2013
the European Championship was held in Linz.


Kenshikan wants to revive this rare art in Austria and has invited Felix Klein from Germany to hold an
introductory workshop in Vienna. Felix Klein is 5th Dan Jodo and 5th Dan Iaido and medal winner at
several European Championships in these disciplines, he is an experienced teacher and also regularly
teaches Iaido in Salzburg. Felix is supported by Stefan Gstach from Salzburg, 2nd Dan Jodo, 2nd Dan
Kendo and 3rd Dan Iaido.

Time: Saturday 9th November 10:00 to 17:30 o´clock (incl. lunch break)
Sunday 10th November 10:00 to 13:00 o´clock

Place: BSFZ Südstadt, Liese-Prokop-Platz 1, 2344 Maria Enzersdorf
Public transport with U6 Meidling, Badner Bahn (WLB), stop Maria Enzersdorf-Südstadt

Target group: Kendoka, Iaidoka as well as anyone interested in Martial Arts (Karateka, Jujitsuka…)

No basic knowledge in Jodo required!

Fee: € 40 (reduced contribution for members of the AKA / EKF € 30) by bank transfer,
recipient: Kenshikan Vienna, IBAN: AT90 6000 0000 0965 3135

Registration deadline is receipt of payment on account latest by 25th November

Registration: via email to with name and graduation (eg. 1. Kyu Jodo, 3.
Kyu Kendo, 2. Dan Jujitsu etc).

If possible, please bring your Bokken and Jo to the workshop, or indicate whether a
rental Jo and/or Bokken are needed.


He came toward me […], the sword in his right hand. I […] picked up a jo. He smiled grimly, then paused.
„The jo, Burke? I had hoped for more of a challenge.“ […] The jo met the bokken and directed it away from
the target.[…] (Donohue J., Sensei, Onyx, 2004)



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